Richard Tunnicliffe - J.S. Bach: Cello Suites - Fidelity

As with a bass the cello, with its equally deep sound, a great place in my heart. And when one is so well done like that of Richard Tunnicliffes virtuoso version of the 6 beautiful and popular suites of JS Bach, then, I can give myself up and just listen and enjoy.

The sound quality is far above the middle with the resolution at 192 kHz at 24 bits. Enjoy your meal. Buy it, but be prepared to sit through all of 75 minutes and 56 seconds. Because it is so beautiful, so beautiful and an almost meditative performance I closed my eyes and accepted this masterpiece. Besides being performer Tunnicliffe is also a teacher of baroque cello at the London Royal College of Music, where he taught part of his craft, his art.

The music is superbly recorded in St. George's Church in Chesterton, Cambridge by Philip Hobbs, who has been a solid man with Linn Records from the start. In addition he also designs speakers, such as Linn's own Komri, he is known throughout the recording chain from beginning to the end result that comes out of the speakers.

Recommended at the hottest.

01 February 2013