Linn Factory

The Linn Factory, Waterfoot, Scotland

We are an independent record label, combining a love of music with a passion for quality. We cover everything, from award-winning classical and jazz recordings, to the latest rock, pop and electronica. We capture the finest performances and let you download them to play in your home.

You can buy individual tracks or whole albums. Download them immediately from Or choose between CD, Super Audio CD and vinyl, which you can buy from online stockists or your local retailer.

You can listen to samples from any album page on or tune into our high quality web radio stations to listen to uninterrupted music randomly selected from our entire catalogue. 

In 2010, we were proud to be awarded 'Label of the Year' by Gramophone Magazine. We've been producing music for nearly 30 years, so to be described as "the very model of a modern record company" was music to our ears.

The birth of Linn Records
We bought a record-cutting lathe in 1982 because the vinyl pressings we were using to test our LP12 turntable weren't up to the job. We needed a more reliable music source so we started pressing our own LPs.

Within two years we had recorded and released The Blue Nile's classic debut 'A Walk Across the Rooftops' and Linn Records was born. We found our passion for music extended to discovering and working with talented artists. Soon we had a catalogue of recordings being sold to customers around the globe.

The digital revolution
As the march towards convenience of the Compact Disc became relentless, we became more and more frustrated by its limitations.

CDs may be small and shiny, but the convenience comes at the expense of audio quality. You can only store so much data on a disc - much less than in the groove of a vinyl record. Some of the music gets left out, making it less enjoyable to listen to.

We started to explore new formats that would capture the whole performance, not limit us in any way. Initially we worked with Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD). And today, our albums are also released as Studio Master downloads.

Studio Masters
With a Studio Master, you get to hear more of the music. It's the closest we can get to capturing the artist's original performance. In fact, it's recorded with such accuracy that you'd think the artist was performing in your room.

Customers tell us that the quality of sound on our recordings has encouraged them to expand their listening habits. They find themselves exploring new music and enjoying classical as well as rock, pop, electronic and jazz.

Today, our Studio Masters set the music standard for digital recordings.

If you're interested in finding new music, beautifully recorded, you're in the right place. Explore the Linn Records catalogue here.

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of Linn Records. Let us know what you think about our choice of music, or share your own album review. Email us or join the forum to chat about music with fellow music lovers.

To experience the Linn difference: just listen.

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