Handel: Samson (Full Chorus Version)

Handel: Samson (Full Chorus Version)

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    Dunedin Consort continues to apply its pioneering approach to recordings by releasing two alternative performing versions of one of Handel’s greatest dramatic works, Samson. This is the Full Chorus Version.

    This version employs an authentic Handelian chorus, comprising both boy trebles from the Tiffin Boys' Choir and solo sopranos – a sonority largely unheard in the modern age.

    This powerful oratorio – an opera in all but name – features Joshua Ellicott in the title role with soloists Sophie Bevan, Matthew Brook, Mary Bevan, Hugo Hymas, Jess Dandy, Vitali Rozynko and Fflur Wyn. Matching the revelatory historical practice begun in its award-winning recording of Messiah (Dublin Version, 1742), the soloists lead their sections to unite the solo and choral forces, creating a highly effective and cohesive sound. With rich orchestration and highlights such as ‘Let the bright seraphim’ and ‘Total eclipse’, Samson is Dunedin Consort’s most ambitious undertaking to date.

    The singers available to Handel for the work’s first set of performances in 1743 varied considerably, leading many researchers to speculate upon the composer’s own preferences. Dunedin Consort has also recorded a Small Chorus Version which recreates the sonority heard at the work's premiere in 1743 (as suggested by the research of Donald Burrows), which consists of the soloists alone. Customers who purchase the Full Chorus Version may email us to request a complimentary download of the Small Chorus Version.