The Impossible Orchestra

The Impossible Orchestra

The Impossible Orchestra

The Impossible Orchestra brings together some of the best soloists in the world who would never normally share a stage.


Thirty artists from fourteen nationalities join the Impossible Orchestra with a single objective: to support the children and women of Mexico affected by the current situation. The Impossible Orchestra is born from the conviction that music has the power to unite us. No matter our origins, our nationalities or our differences, music creates a universal language of hope in difficult times.

Music from Mexico to the world; World Aid for Mexico.

The Impossible Orchestra shows us that in music, as in all aspects of society, we only have to transform the old models to achieve what has never been done before. This ambitious project is the brain child of Mexican conductor Alondra de la Parra.

The Impossible Orchestra comprises:

Albrecht Meyer (Germany) – Oboe
Alexander von Puttkamer (Germany) - Tuba
Alexey Igudesman (Russia) – Violin
Alisa Weilerstein (USA) – Cello
Alondra de la Parra (Mexico) – Piano and conductor
Amihai Grosz (Israel) – Viola
Arturo Sandoval (Cuba) - Trumpet
Benjamin Forster (Germany) – Timpani
Christoph Sietzen (Austria) - Percussion
Cristina Gómez Godoy (Spain) - Oboe
Edicson Ruiz (Venezuela) - Double bass
Elisa Carrillo (Mexico) - Dancer
Emmanuel Pahud (Switzerland) - Flute
Felix Klieser (Germany) - Horn
Gili Schwarzman (Israel) - Flute
Guy Braunstein (Israel) - Violin
Jan Vogler (Germany) - Cello
Jörgen van Rijen (Netherlands) - Trombone
Joseph Alessi (USA) - Trombone
Maxim Vengerov (Russia) - Violin
Nemanja Radulović (Serbia) - Violin
Pacho Flores (Venezuela) - Trumpet
Paquito D'Rivera (Cuba) - Clarinet
Rolando Fernández (Mexico) - Cello
Rolando Villazón (Mexico) - Percussion
Sarah Willis (USA/UK) - Horn
Stefan Dohr (Germany) - Horn
Stefan Schulz (Germany) - Trombone
Stefan Schweigert (Germany) - Bassoon