The Spanish Baroque ensemble L’Apothéose has become the newest reference in historically informed interpretation on the European music scene.


    From the classrooms of a conservatory to winning a dozen high-profile international prizes and becoming artist-in-residence of the biggest classical music institution in Spain, that is the unique story of L’Apothéose. 

    With its expertise and enthusiasm, L’Apothéose gives a personal touch to each piece they work on by exploiting the rhetorical and emotional content of every musical work. L’Apothéose has been acclaimed by the public and critics, being awarded in every single competition in which they have participated: First Prize, EUBO Development Trust Prize and Friends of York Early Music Festival Prize at the 2019 York Early Music International Young Artists Competition; Second Prize at the prestigious Internationaal Van Wassenaer Concours in 2018; First Prize at the Göttingen Händel Competition in 2017; and Second Prize at the Concours International de Musique Ancienne de Val de Loire in 2017 chaired by William Christie.

    True to the values of quality and authenticity, the four members of L’Apothéose focus their work both on the exploration of Spanish repertoire and the research of a new discourse of well-known international composers, with special attention given to Handel, Telemann and J. S. Bach. L’Apothéose offers a new approach to Baroque music, with passionate, inspired and colourful interpretations, which have captured audiences at various renowned stages in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Colombia.

    The ensemble has performed at prestigious festivals such as Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht, Festival d’Ambronay, Internationale Händel-Festspiele Göttingen, York Early Music Festival, Musikfetsspielen Potsdam Sanssouci, Festival Internacional de Santander, Donostia-San Sebastián Musical Fortnight, Festival de Música Antigua de Úbeda y Baeza and Festival de Música Antigua de Sevilla. For the 2019/20 season, L’Apothéose was named artist-in-residence at the CNDM (Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical), consolidating its position as one of the most recognized ensembles on the Spanish music scene.

    The name of the ensemble was inspired by the title of François Couperin’s work L’Apothéose de Corelli, which was L’Apothéose’s first musical project and formed the starting point of a fruitful musical journey.