Vocal Ensemble

The clear folk voices of the Mackenzie sisters Eilidh, Gillian and Fiona. 


    Mackenzie, a Gaelic vocal group of sisters Eilidh, Gillian and Fiona from the village of Gress on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, is the result of many years of involvement in the world of music and song - Gaelic music and song in particular. Although they have been singing together since childhood they did not get together to formally perform as a trio until 1996 when they got invited to perform on a Gaelic music television programme. Soon after they recorded their first album, "Camhanch", and recently followed this successful debut with their second album, "Fama Clamosa", which was released in October 2002. Both albums include traditional songs alongside their own compositions, with some tracks a cappella and some enjoying accompaniment from an impressive line-up of guest musicians. Over the years they have juggled careers, motherhood and music and have been exposed to a wide range of musical and cultural influences. As a result, their own preferences and tastes have developed and matured to reflect these - but the main influence is still the Gaelic music and culture of their island home.