The Devil's Trill

The Devil's Trill

The Devil's Trill
BKD 292
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    Palladians presents a collection of works by Giuseppe Tartini and Francesco Maria Veracini which was named 'Chamber Disc of the Month' by BBC Music Magazine and 'Classical CD of the Week' by The Sunday Times upon release.

    On this recording Palladians present programmatic sonatas by the Italian composer, Giuseppe Tartini, including the famous 'Devil's Trill' Sonata. Famed throughout Europe as a pre-eminent virtuoso, Tartini's programmatic sonatas ('Didone Abbandonata' and the 'Devil's Trill' – a deservedly celebrated masterpiece) display his intense pictorial inward gaze that sets him apart from his many Italian colleagues.

    Also included is a sonata by Francesco Maria Veracini, a fellow composer and violinist, whose skilful playing was a great influence on the young Tartini. Veracini's legendary virtuosity (which led Tartini to temporarily withdraw into solitary practice) created a storm of success in England and led to the popular toast 'One God, One King, and One Veracini!'