Les Saisons Amusantes

Les Saisons Amusantes

Les Saisons Amusantes
CKD 070
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    A Diapason d'Or award-winning recording of Vivaldi's famous Four Seasons (with a twist). 

    The Palladian Ensemble is joined by guest artists Nigel Eaton (hurdy-gurdy), Richard Egarr (harpsichord, organ) and Jean-Pierre Rasle (musette) in this recording of Nicolas Chédeville's arrangement of the Four Seasons. Chédeville was convinced his success approach would prove successful. He wrote: "I was sure of public approval when I set out to adapt the great compositions of Antonio Vivaldi to the rustic sound of an instrument that is the subject of all my labours".

    Chédeville was high priest (though not the founder) of an improbable bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy cult ad served in the orchestra of the Paris Opera for over twenty years as a doubler on oboe and musette (the gentrified bagpipe) but was best known as a teacher, "master of the musette to the ladies of France". Arranging Vivaldi for musette was an attempt to appropriate some "serious" repertoire for his favourite instrument; and to get his own more challenging compositions taken seriously.