La Guitarra Española: The Music of Santiago de Murcia

La Guitarra Española: The Music of Santiago de Murcia

La Guitarra Española: The Music of Santiago de Murcia
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La Guitarra Española is the second solo album from William Carter. This recording explores the fascinating music of Spanish guitar legend Santiago de Murcia who successfully fused the popular and art music of the early 1700s.

A major figure in the Spanish guitar music scene Santiago de Murcia succeeded in the fusion of popular and art music; an accomplishment that eluded his predecessors. His wonderfully varied body of work combines fully composed versions of Spanish, West African and even New World folk songs with fresh arrangements of music from influential figures such as Arcangelo Corelli. However, perhaps his most significant and intriguing contribution to Spanish music was his role in the development of the popular and controversial dances the Zarembecques, o Muecas and Cumbees.

When first brought to the attention of the authorities the dances succumbed to an official ban which was issued by the Inquisition in 1716. Appalled by the "...lewd actions, lascivious displays and indecent and provocative shaking" they were eager to suppress these dances which were riddled with sexual undertones and risked tainting the "souls of the Christian community".

In contrast to his contribution to the rise of these scandalous and immoral dances the composer also produced many beautiful transcriptions and compositions. In La Guitarra Española William Carter successfully merges Murcia's controversial materials with these charming works and consequently presents an exciting and unique recording. The guitarist creates an original sound delivered by the sensitive interpretations and innovative arrangements which include a guest appearance on the bass line by fellow Palladians musician Susanne Heinrich.