Haftor Medbøe Group

Haftor Medbøe Group

Haftor Medboe Group

A spellbinding and international jazz ensemble with a truly unique blend of jazz, strings and technology.


    They've already been in demand supporting Bill Frisell, The Bad Plus and Esbjorn Svensson Trio not to mention a raft of festival and club appearances across Europe.

    Their debut album for Linn Records combines bold and vibrant sax lines provided by Susan McKenzie, the fluid languor of Chris Greive's trombone and distinctive and melodic guitar by Haftor Medbøe. Signy Jakobsdottir underpins the music through sensitive yet propelling globally-inspired percussion, creating deep grooves and delicate textures.

    Bathed in the sublime strings of the Edinburgh Quartet, each of the seven album tracks tells its own distinct story in lush and intricate arrangements. From the angular, rhythmically propelled Spor to the gentle, evocative musings of In Perpetuity, the tracks paint vivid and varied sound pictures. Strong melodies are juxtaposed with exciting and inspired improvisations.

    On one level there is jazz sensibility but there is also a visual, cinematic quality contained in this music. There is a sense of journey about haftor medbøe group - this is music that pushes boundaries but retains undoubted warmth and personality.