Chopin: Preludes

Chopin: Preludes

Chopin: Preludes
CKD 475
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    Award-winning pianist Ingrid Fliter performs Chopin's Op. 28, a poetic collection of great emotional power and unrivalled artistic quality which demands high virtuosity.

    Ingrid Fliter has proven herself an outstanding Chopin interpreter; this recording was named 'Recording of the Month' and one of the '50 Greatest Chopin Recordings' by Gramophone. 

    Chopin's preludes achieve something close to perfection of form within the framework of the miniature, and each prelude has its own melodic, harmonic and rhythmic profile. Fellow pianist and composer Franz Liszt perhaps summed up the appeal of Op. 28 best: '...they are poetic preludes, analogous to those of a great contemporary poet, who cradles the soul in golden dreams...' 

    Completing the programme are two nocturnes and five mazurkas, both genres that Chopin defined.