Édouard Ferlet

Édouard Ferlet

Édouard Ferlet

Édouard Ferlet is a jazz pianist who has worked with Mark Murphy and collaborated with frequent partner Jean-Philippe Viret.


    Édouard Ferlet began playing piano at the age of 7 and studied classical music at l’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, and later on at the Conservatoire de paris. In the late eighties, he moved to Boston, US, and studied piano under renowned teachers: Herb Pomeroy, Hal Crook, Ed Tomassi, Ray Santisi, Ed Bedner. In 1992, he graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Jazz Composition and was awarded the Berklee jazz performance award.

    Back in France, he worked as a composer for commissioned pieces for films, short films, documentaries, choreographies, and theater and gained a sound experience in the field thanks to the diversity of the commissions he had to face. He rapidly recorded two albums under his name: Escale and Zazimut featuring key artists of the new European jazz generation: Médéric Collignon, Christophe Monniot, Simon Spang-Hanssen, Claus Stotter, Francois Verly, Gary Brunton. In 2000, he met the bassist Jean-Philippe Viret with whom he recorded many albums: Considérations, Etant donnés, L'indicible, Autrement dit, Live at the duc des lombards, le temps qu’il faut, Pour.

    In a few years, this trio, was nominated for the Django d'or and won les Victoires du Jazz (French Grammy Awards) and received great reviews from the media. At the same time, Edouard Ferlet continued to play with singers from various backgrounds: Mark Murphy in jazz, Manda Djin in gospel, Geoffrey Oryema in world music and Lambert Wilson in cabaret. He successfully conducted the musical direction for Julia Migenes' show Alter Ego, Hollywood Diva and The story of Schubert. This allowed him to tour all over the world: China, Canada, Germany, Spain, France. He received praise for his sensitivity and his artistic commitment during musical interludes.

    Thanks to the diversity of his musical experiences, Edouard Ferlet is recognized as a strong personality. He performs regularly at major festivals such as Paris Jazz Festival, piano Piano en Valois Angouleme, Piano aux Jacobins in China and is performing internationally.